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Life UNmasked

Whether it’s dropping the party girl persona, letting my silver hair shine, or guiding off-the-grid retreats to share vulnerabilities with like-hearted women - I have found freedom in removing my masks.



I created the Sober Glow as a place to write about my decision to quit drinking and to connect with other women who were doing the same. Over time this little hub has organically become a community for women who are waking up to the fact that we just don’t need alcohol in our lives. I believe in the power of feminine energy connecting and when we come together to celebrate this style of living, it makes the choice much easier to navigate. Choosing this lifestyle for any reason will always be welcomed and celebrated here!

My mission is to invoke your own power by listening to that little voice that has been telling you to lose the booze and live life like you give a shit, because I know you do!

the TeeToTalers ManifesTo


energy over lethargy; love over indifference; exercise over hangovers; productivity over netflix; clear eyes over reddened; making love over fighting; confidence over insecurity; glowing skin over puffy and dulled; real life radiance over iphone beauty apps; crystal clear thinking over a buzzed brain; speaking my truth over whispering secrets; tuning in over tuning out; self-care over self-sabotage; connecting over disconnecting; truly giving a f*ck over not giving a f*ck.




You’re not physically addicted to alcohol but you’re not just a social drinker either. So where do you fit in?


Our stories around alcohol are not the same nor are they just black and white, there is a vast area of gray in between. And because we all have different drinking stories, we all have different reasons for getting sober. You do not have to have a drinking problem for drinking to create problems. And even if life is not that bad, please know you do not have to justify your reasons to quit.

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is it for you?


You’ve quit, but wonder now what

You just don't feel right about your drinking

You wish you didn't drink so much

You wish you didn't have those epic hangovers

You want to find another way to calm your anxiety

You want more out of life than just partying

You do everything else "healthy" but still continuously binge drink

You want to stop, but wonder who you’ll be if you are not the "life of the party"

You are hearing that small whispering voice telling you there is another way

You are not physically addicted to alcohol but still want someone to guide you

You wish you knew someone who has quit successfully

You want to feel proud of yourself

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“You don’t have to have a drinking problem for drinking to create problems”

- mia



we are in this together

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interview with mia


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