baja SUP fall 2018

“On an Sunday back in March a post showed up in my IG feed from Mia(theSoberGlow). The description sounded amazing, Mexico, the Sea of Cortez, SUP, sunshine, warmth, women and SOBRIETY!  Then the registration opened up on the website, I took her caution to heart to not sign up without taking a pause to think about it.  I made myself wait a week, while anxious that it might fill up, there were only 11 spots I kept checking every day. On April 8th my 5 year soberversary I went for it. My thinking was step up and step out, go big.   Now I've only been on a SUP once with very notable failure. I'm not a camper and I like an evening shower when on a beach vacay.  I'm still finding it hard to put into words what the experience was.  On the surface, the islands, beaches and the sea were beautiful and quiet, we were usually the only humans we saw everyday.  The camping entailed no grueling hardships, SeaTrek does a great job running these excursions and I will rave that the food was fabulous, fresh, simple and perfectly prepared.  Our guides were lovely, making sure we had everything we needed at anytime.  But of course what you want to know is how was it bringing 12 women together ages 24-60, from various corners they call home, differing backgrounds, in different seasons of life?  It was over the top incredible.  With no outside distractions for attention(well other than the scenery) we really shed all the masks and got real.  Hearts were opened, stories told, tears shed and so much laughter.  It was excruciating to say goodbye to these women who are a part of me now and forever.  Would I do this again?  In a flash, no hesitation what so ever. Mia was an amazing shepherd for our emotional trip.  Guiding us, but never pushing. I learned a lot more about myself in this week than I had in a few years.  I came home ready and armed with book suggestions to carry on the work that was started there.  I cannot ever thank Mia enough for this experience, it truly is one of the life changing events I've lived.  I won't wait to sign up for the next one!”


baja SUP fall 2018

“The SoberGlow Baja experience was everything I imagined it would be. I want to say that it was more than I imagined, but I had surreal fantasy in my head about the magic that would occur on this trip. And it lived up to my wildest dreams. We created a space void of judgement, negativity, and all those other distractions that keep you from remembering who you truly are, that you are enough, and that you are not alone. I never expected to gain 11 sisters from this trip, but when you share an experience like this, you create a connection that lasts a lifetime. I'd like to go back in time and hug myself for taking the risk and reserving my spot in Baja. It's an experience that I will never forget and will never be matched”.


baja SUP fall 2018

“Standing in line for security check at the airport I saw a big smile looking my way further up the line. It was the same smile I’d seen on her page and she waved happily at me. By the first look and the first hug of every one of these women I knew, this will be ok. “It’s like we already know each other” I said. “Well of course, we are your people” she said. My gosh, “My people”. I found my people in Baja, and I had been looking for them for a long time. 

How do I even begin to transfer this into words? 

We had all peaked into each other’s lives in the months leading up to this experience. The small glimpse that instagram and facebook posts and comments can provide. We were twelve women in Baja. Twelve women with different life stories behind us. Twelve women with different reasons to be here, yet still the same. Sobriety had taken us to this moment in time were we stood ready to face whatever the sun, the sea and the sand of Baja had to give us. 

For me, this journey was all about connecting to likeminded ladies. Before this journey, I had no sober friends and I longed to meet people that would fully understand me and the place that I’m at. I was not sure what to expect at the same time as I knew that I didn’t need to expect anything. 

This journey was about connections. Connecting to these other ladies and connecting to myself. It was about being free of judgment, towards myself and towards others in my life. It was about digging deep into myself and being vulnerable. It was about letting go of the outside world for five days and five nights. For this time, I was on this island with body and mind. I was here for these fellow women I now call my people, and I let them be here for me. 

During the days I paddled away on that board with all my force, I let my thoughts and feelings flow into the ocean where the waves flushed them away. At night I shared whatever needed to be shared. I fell asleep listening to the waves crash against the shore with the light of the full moon dancing oven the ocean.

I am forever grateful to Mia, for trusting in herself and for putting all of this into motion”.


baja SUP fall 2018

“I can’t remember how I stumbled onto Mia’s SUP retreat page back in March of 2018, but I do remember I was 4 months into my sobriety journey and immediately intrigued by the idea of spending a week in paradise with like-minded women. Though I live and work in a city of millions of people, I felt somewhat alone and isolated in my sobriety journey, aside from the Instagram pages I was following (Mia’s Sober Glow included). I was eager for real life connection with people, and couldn’t help but wonder if this would be it.

I spent the next two weeks, as Mia suggested, considering if this trip was right for me. I’m outdoorsy by nature and love SUP and the water, so the activities on the trip felt exciting to me. It was doing it with 12 strangers that made me the most nervous, but at that moment I challenged myself not to let fear of the unknown get in my way of my full potential for growth, and signed up.

This week with these women was truly life changing for me. Mia and SeaTrek made everything comfortable and inviting. Most of the women connected ahead of time via a Facebook page that Mia set up, so we felt like we “knew” each other a little, at least virtually. The trip from beginning to end ran smoothly for me, and I always felt safe and comfortable with the group.

Though I don’t want to share too much of what we experienced because it was so special to our group, I will share a few of my key takeaways.

1.)   You are not alone. Your shame, your guilt, your struggles, your optimism…. You are not alone in this. I shared more with these women in the week we were together than most people who have known me my whole life know about me, and it was therapeutic, to say the least.

2.)   You will not be judged. We shared our stories and became vulnerable in a way that was life changing, because we were in an environment where judgement didn’t exist.

3.)   You will walk away with a commitment stronger than ever to be the best version of yourself.

4.)   You will create bonds and friendships with these women that will last a lifetime. I truly believe each woman on this trip was put in my life for a reason, and I love each one of them.

5.)   Poop buckets are not as bad as you think. The SeaTrek team set up a nice “bathroom” for us that was totally fine.

I’d also note, the food on this trip was incredible. Coco, our chef, did a phenomenal job, and I was full of fresh fruit, fish, and vegetables for the entire week. Art, our guide, was incredible and went out of his way to make sure we had the best experience possible. Aside from SUP’ing, he took us snorkeling and hiking, and his knowledge of the area is unmatched.

This trip was worth every penny and then some. I am forever grateful to Mia and these women for going on this journey with me. I’ll cherish it forever”.


baja SUP fall 2018


“I will always be grateful that I took a leap of faith and went on the Sober Glow 2018 Baja trip. To sign up for a trip in a foreign land with a group of other sober women I’ve never met? I had never done anything close to this in my life, and I was nervous! Prior to the trip, I really had no sober women friends. Now, I have 12 new courageous, strong, inspirational, and extraordinary sober women I can call my friends, my tribe, my people. It’s hard to describe the feeling of being totally vulnerable with others, yet feeling completely safe, understood, and supported. Especially in an out-of-the-box setting like a deserted island in Baja. Well, it’s life changing. Floating in the sea, meditation and solitude, snorkeling and nature hikes….The magic of the pristine landscape, paddling away my self doubt on the Sea of Cortez, and gathering in beautiful, supportive circles….not to mention eating fresh, deliciously prepared food at every meal! SeaTrek had very knowledgeable, experienced guides for every experience level - they were wonderful. Mia was so helpful, encouraging, and supportive to all of us. I cannot thank her enough for bringing this idea to life”.


baja SUP spring 2019

When I signed up for Mia's second Baja retreat, I did it because my soul was ready to commit to sobriety.  I'd been mostly sober for years, had followed the Sober Glow Instagram account for many months, and after seeing some of Mia's posts, I was inspired to finally embrace the sober life that I know I need to pursue - for my health and my sanity.  

After my first day in Mexico with the eleven other women who signed up for the trip, I knew that I was among 'my people.'  What a rare gift to be surrounded by sober gals for five full days, sharing our stories at night and our physical successes during the day. I'm in awe at the strength and perseverance of my fellow travelers (now friends).

What I loved about this trip: The fresh meals every day, the stars we slept under at night, the coffee at sunrise every morning, the tarot cards, the dolphins, the conversation, the laughter, the tears, the breaking down of the hurt and pain that led us all to this place, the renewal that comes after that breakthrough, the reminder of the simple joys of swimming, being active, learning how to paddleboard, being proud of myself.

Mia organized a truly comprehensive trip, letting us all sort of share and recover at our own pace. She seems to have known intuitively that a combination of nature and building new relationships goes miles in restoring the soul.

For so many years, I've felt alone in my journey toward sobriety. I know now that I'm not.  

Thank you, Mia.  


baja SUP spring 2019


I stumbled across The Sober Glow on Instagram when I began searching for others walking the same path I was on with my sobriety. I was sober curious and looking for a group in the same head space. When I saw the information for the retreat, I knew I had to do it. It felt more than a little crazy signing up for a retreat in a country I hadn’t been to, with 12 women I didn't know, and run by a facilitator I found on Instagram. I took on the challenge despite my concerns, and once I met the women in on the retreat I knew it was the right choice.  I found my tribe in that group of women. Mia brought together the most wonderful and amazing women.  They were all so open, supportive, and caring. I spent a week surrounded by a strong, hilarious, and resilient woman. We camped on the beach, standup paddled all week and ate amazing food. Our guides were knowledgeable and took good care of us the entire time. Going on this retreat changed my life in so many great ways, and I am so thankful to Mia and the group she brought together. 


baja SUP spring 2019

Mia, Your vigor and zest for people and sobriety is contagious. I loved meeting you and for your second trip, I dont think it could have gone any better. The way in which you navigate peoples pain and joy can allow for such connection and healing all at the same time. Thanks for tending to each of us as if you had known us. It is a true gift you have to make people feel warm, welcomed and heard. xo Love you! - Kayla


baja SUP spring 2019


It's hard to put into words how much this retreat meant to me. It was purely Magical for me! I had been following Sober Glow account on IG before I stopped drinking, I was definitely sober curious and enjoyed her posts. About a month after I stopped drinking I saw the post about the Spring Baja trip and I read the testimonials from the first retreat and I knew this was exactly what I wanted to do. Sign me up, take my money, I'm in! A sober adventure was exactly what my soul needed.  Sobriety brought 13 women from different places, different ages, different reasons for being there, but so much love and understanding! There is certainly magic out there on the Sea of Cortez and sharing that space with those beautiful souls was life changing for me. Unplugging from the outside world and connecting with these women, spending time with like-minded people in a place free of judgement is something I needed, something we all needed. Letting my worries float away as we paddled out on the sea to our next island, watching the sun set, sharing whatever I needed to share during our beautiful, nightly sharing circles, falling asleep under the starry sky with the sound of the ocean gently crashing on the shore, waking to a beautiful sunrise and morning meditations. Mia was so supportive and encouraging to each of us, holding a space for healing and growth. So impressed with this group of badass women, we laughed and cried and laughed some more. I've been home a month now and we still communicate all the time! Nothing better than sisterhood.