Once one becomes sober it is very hard to ignore all the other masks that we wear every day. One of those masks for me was hair dye. Yep, I was one of the (un)lucky ones and started going gray at age 21. I have been messing with my hair and color ever since, even going as far as coloring every two weeks for the last several years.


So again, what does going gray and sobriety have to do with one another?

By choosing sober I have become much more in tune with my own bullshit, my own bad habits and all the lies I tell myself and others. For me, hair color was a big ol' lie. Just like with booze, I knew I would stop coloring my hair. Just like with booze, I saw a life that was screaming at me to unveil. Just like with booze, hair color was a mask. Just like with booze, I am relearning who I am underneath. Just like with booze, I am loving the let go. Just like with booze, it's because I truly give a fuck and not the other way around. Just like with booze, it's an awkward learning process. Just like with booze, I am answering all of the same questions from curious folks. Just like with booze, the feeling of freedom is unmatched. Just like with booze, it's the best decision for this girls life.