at some point we have to stop being the seeker so we can become the doer.



the inspiration

Assessment + 90 min call + 1 week of daily check-ins
Investment $294


I created this single coaching call with the curious seeker in mind. For the past three years, I have been connecting with women who have asked for tips, advice, guidance, recommendations, resources, words of encouragement, and inspiration as well as holding space for women who just need to tell someone their story.  I respond to these requests with the utmost mindfulness and a disclaimer because 99% of the time, I do not know the person seeking guidance, nor do I know their full story.

So in order for to me give appropriate direction and to keep the integrity and responsibility of these exchanges, this one-on-one coaching session is for us to connect in a deeper and more meaningful way and it allows me to focus my

energy on the women who are willing to do the WORK in which they are asking for. This allows for a much more potent exchange.

There is no time wasted on small talk, we get right to it. Not only will we clear out the bullshit that you believe is holding you back, we will set you up for success with actionable steps that you can take immediately. I want you feeling great about yourself and your decision. Especially if no one else in your life is feeling that way, I will be that person cheering you on!

The week following our call, we will have contact every day via email to keep the accountability flowing and to keep you on track.

This call is a little push in the tush.


the lifestyle

10 weeks + 10 phone calls + daily check-ins
Investment $1994


Do you need more than an inspirational push?

What works for YOU? Here we get to figure out what this lifestyle looks like and means for you. Quitting drinking is just the first step, and this work focuses on the fact that not everyone quits the same way, and so this new lifestyle needs to be tailored personally for you.

Along with the weekly calls, we incorporate daily assignments.

These assignments are also catered to you, and you will be held accountable to them. This style of coaching is not all talk. Yea, talking is powerful but taking ACTION is the only way we can evolve and develop new habits. Here you will really get the time needed that it takes to see the value of not drinking.

This is where shit gets real, in the best possible way.

(15 min free consult required before purchasing)