this trip is for the:

  • Sober or sober curious

  • Adventure seekers

  • Big life enthusiasts

  • Brave souls

  • Lovers of the sand, sea, sun and stars

  • Folks that can get down and dirty

  • Open minded

  • Women who are not afraid to step out of their comfort zones. Like way the

  • Interested in meeting like-minded sober sisters

  • Ladies who don't mind doing everything in nature….and I mean EVERYTHING



what does it include?

  • 4 nights of sleeping under the stars on different deserted beaches

  • Individual tents

  • SUP instruction and island hopping tours each day (+ all equipment) - No experience necessary!

  • Night SUP and swimming amongst the bioluminescence

  • Possible whale and dolphin sightings

  • Nightly share circle

  • Snorkeling (+ all equipment)

  • Morning meditations on and off the water

  • Writing/Journaling prompts and discussions

  • All meals and beverages Monday afternoon to Friday morning

  • If SUP isn't your thing, we can arrange for kayaks (must have 2 people)

  • Any or all travel arrangements you may need from point A to point B (as in how do you get your Ass to Baja)



who is this not for ?

  • The faint of heart

  • 5 star all-inclusive only travelers

  • People who have a fear of water, the outdoors, boats, tents, sweat, fire, sea life, bugs, camping, stars or poop buckets

  • If you are looking for a spring break-ish vacation

  • Anyone 100% Fancy AF

  • Children


If you are still actively drinking or using drugs and think this may be the way to stop, this is not the trip to take.  Please contact me privately if you need clarification or are seeking help and I will try to get you in touch with the appropriate people. email me directly at

not included


  • Cost of flight(s)

  • First night's cost of hotel, food and beverages in Loreto, Baja

  • Any additional lodging, food or beverage after we come off the water on Friday afternoon

  • The need for a vacation after your vacation


how many people are going?

14 spots will be available




Why thank you! I certainly agree!

but hold on,

please take a moment and really, really think about it. This retreat is probably unlike any retreat you have ever taken. You will be asked to not just dabble out of your comfort zone, but to jump courageously off the proverbial ledge of it. You will participate in activities that may make you nervous physically and emotionally. This is not just a sole individuals trip, you will all be active participants in your own and others sober adventure.

Now with all that said and you are certain you are up for this sort of travel and want to join in, I want you to resist signing up right away and instead, go and think about it for a week or two. If you are still day dreaming of sleeping under the stars, journaling your biggest teetotaling life goals, sharing your stories over bonfires and making memories with your new sober tribe, all after recovering from a full day of water activities........then come on back and sign up!

We can't wait to share this experience with you


Mia & the good fellows from Sea Trek