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About Mia and the Sober Glow


I am a Wife, Daughter, Mama to two fur babies, Registered Nurse, Yoga & Meditation Instructor and a proud Teetotaling NYC (currently located in SoCal) Broad who values and enjoys taking care of herself and believes that choosing not to imbibe is the ultimate health choice that one can make. Within this lifestyle choice I have a new found love for creating community with other Teetotalers, leading sober adventure trips and hosting women’s circles.

On September 10th, 2015 I made the decision to take alcohol off the table in order to live the full and vibrant lifestyle that I was only talking about living. I do not identify as someone having been addicted to alcohol, nor am I part of any recovery programs. To be clear, I wasn't just the occasional social drinker either. It is not just black and white (Alcoholic or Normal) there is a very large area of grey when it comes to drinking. I find a lot of people tend to live in this area, but no one is really talking about it.

I want to talk about it!

Now that alcohol is no longer a part of the equation, I am absolutely a Sober and Woke Woman. I wanted to create a space for us sober / sober curious folks to discuss all the things that we can use to help facilitate the nurturing of ourselves while moving away from the drinking culture. I want this to be a solid resource for anyone who is looking for other things to do to get "high” without actually getting high.

My hope is that this online journal will be the inspiration I was looking for when I made the choice to quit drinking. I wanted to know that quitting was possible. I wanted to find others who had walked away from the party lifestyle and I wanted to know how they did it. 

This here is my story. My journey into and around sobriety. It may or may not look like yours but you are always welcome here.

Sober for the HEALTH of it

Simply the best way I can find to describe my "why"

the Sober Glow may be for you if:


You are sober curious

You are looking for inspiration on how to walk away from the party

You just don't feel right about your drinking

You wish you didn't drink so much

You wish you didn't have those epic hangovers

You are looking for alternatives to getting high without actually getting high

You want more out of life

You do everything else "healthy" but still binge drink

You want more time and freedom

You want better relationships

You want to stop, but wonder who you will be if you are not the "life of the party"

You question how you will have fun if you don't drink

You are hearing that small whispering voice telling you there is another way